A nice write up of a wonderful event! Congrats again to all who participated.

The Joaquin Miller Elementary School PTA hosted a Multicultural Family Festival on Friday evening, October 19, at the school’s Copeland Courtyard. Approximately 300 people attended the event, many bringing dishes to share for a school-wide potluck.

“With over 20 languages spoken in addition to English [in the school population], the audience was treated to a diverse multicultural program that included homemade ethnic foods donated by our families and local businesses and musical and dance performances,” said Principal Judy Hession.


Miller Elementary in the local news, thanks to our amazing teachers!❤️

Joaquin Miller Elementary School students presented two different performing arts activities for their families and school community on Tuesday evening, May 15.

Jennifer Griffith’s first grade class wrote original fairy tales and then performed them on a stage in the Copeland Courtyard at the school. The stage was donated to the school by Burbank High School for use as an outdoor stage.

The first-graders also planned and painted the backdrops used in the performance.

“My first-graders definitely felt a great sense of ownership knowing they had written, directed and created their plays,” commented Griffiths. “We started with a genre study of fairy tales and learned the ‘ingredients’ of a fairy tale.”





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Miller Awarded California Gold Ribbon

Joaquin Miller Elementary is awarded the 2016 California Gold Ribbon Award! 

Congratulations, Principal Hession, Teachers, Staff, Volunteers and Students!




Cultural appreciation night at Joaquin Miller Elementary




Miller Awarded CA Distinguished School

Joaquin Miller Elementary is awarded the 2014 California Distinguished School Award AND is also given an award for being an Exemplary School of the Arts! 

Congratulations, Principal Hession, Teachers, Staff, Volunteers, and Students!







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