Miller PTA:  Partnering For Kids!

I welcome you, your child and your family.  Let me assure you, if you haven’t felt the excitement in the air at Miller, you clearly have not been to a PTA meeting yet!  What is the Parent-Teacher-Association?  We are a group of moms, dads, teachers (and grandparents!) who feel passionately that Miller has incredible potential:  Potential to advocate, potential to serve, and potential to connect our school (and parents) to available resources.

We gather together at PTA Meetings, special events and any time something is needed on the Miller campus to give a little of our time, to help have a voice at how things are run at our school and contribute our skills to a worthy cause, children’s education!  Plain and simple, we do it for the kids.

Our kids. Your kids.  All kids.  Can you help?